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Tästä löydät kaikki sivut, jotka on merkitty Koulutuspolitiikka-tägillä.


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There will be a significant step forward in the Tampere 3 project, as the university foundation will finally be established in Raatihuone at Tampere on Thursday. University of Tampere, Tampere Technical University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will merge into Tampere 3 higher education concern from the beginning of 2019. Additionally, the Government Proposal for the amendments in the Universities Act is at the moment open for comments until 8.5.



Have you received outstanding thesis supervision or great teaching during lessons? You can nominate your teacher to Tamy as a candidate for the Good Teacher 2017 award.

Representatives of student organizations in Tampere met with the Minister of Education and Culture Sanni Grahn-Laasonen on Wednesday 11 May. The conversation revolved particularly around the legislation concerning the new university, administration, vision, educational content and value of resources in the process.

The students had three points to make:

Flexible legislation in regard to cooperation in administration and teaching

Spring is here and once again, Tamy is looking for nominees for the Good Teacher of the Year award. The University of Tampere Foundation rewards the Good Teacher 2016 with fame, glory and money in the annual graduation ceremony. Because students choose the nominees, the award is particularly significant to teachers. The purpose of this distinguished award is not only giving positive feedback, but also drawing attention to the value of teaching and promoting conversation.

The University of Tampere is entering into negotiations together with staff to stabilize the financial situation. The aim is to create a cost-cutting plan for 2016 with measures that would reduce costs by EUR 2 million by 16 May this year.

The negotiations do not involve staff cuts, lay-offs or shifting to part-time contracts. Instead, the impacts of the School reforms, restrictions to recruiting, better use of premises, voluntary unpaid leaves and holiday bonuses are on the negotiation table.

Tamy seuraa viikoittain ajankohtaisia koulutuspoliittisia uutisia, tässä osa niistä koottuna:

Are you interested in the direction and future of the University of Tampere? How should instruction be developed, and in what kind of environment will students study in the future?

Tamy seuraa viikoittain ajankohtaisia koulutuspoliittisia uutisia, tässä osa niistä koottuna:

Tamy seuraa viikottain ajankohtaisia koulutuspoliittisia uutisia, tässä osa niistä koottuna: