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As the name suggests, the Grand Opening Party is a party that kicks off the academic year. Usually thrown in the first week of September, the Grand Opening has traditionally been one of Tamy's most popular events.

Granting the Vappulakki Award 2012

Tamy's traditional Vappulakki Award was granted to Hirvitalo, Center of Contemporary Art Pispala in 2012. The award ceremony was held during a spring party, organized by Tamy and Tampereen tieteentekijät ry, at the University on 27 April 2012.

For the 31st time, the Student Union of the University of Tampere organizes the Women Culture Days – an event of feminist studies, art and activities. This year's event is called Rokitus – Rock it grrrl! As the name suggests, the event revolves around music, which is a means to interpret emotions as well as politics.

Registration and instructions for teams - sign-up open until 4 Sept 2014
Registration for control point organizers - sign-up open until noon 3 Sept 2014

Downtown Orienteering is a light-hearted competition where freshman teams, accompanied by more seasoned students, explore their new home town by visiting control points run by different associations and organizations around downtown.

This year the famous Downtown Orienteering takes place on Wednesday 10 September when the teams take off from 4 p.m. onwards by the Amphitheatre near PinniB on the main campus.

The most successful teams will be handsomely rewarded at the afterparty in Ilona nightclub, where all teams and control point organizers get together for an unforgettable evening!

Downtown Orienteering is all about going all-in and sporting a positive attitude, so keep in mind that dressing up and bringing out the eccentric in you and your team is highly encouraged! Your team will also benefit from a punchy slogan to let the others know where you stand!

Often it's not the perfect performance that wins the game but the most creative team (or the one who bribes the control point organizers). Furthermore, at the afterparty prizes will be awarded to not only the best team, but also to the team with the most flamboyant costumes and the one with the best vibes!

Kaupunkisuunnistuksen haalarimerkki.

Registration and instructions for teams 2014

Registration for teams is now open! Sign-up ends on Thursday 4 September. Sign up using  the online form.

The first 120 teams to sign up get a spot in the Orienteering (plus 10 standby teams in case of cancellation). The teams take off between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. by the Amphitheatre outside the Pinni B building on main campus.


1. Assemble a team consisting of ca. five people. Come up with a name and a slogan for your team. Originality is a significant asset in Downtown Orienteering! Keep in mind that at the afterparty not only the best team, but also to the team with the most flamboyant costumes and the one with the best vibes will be awarded!

2. Registration for teams is now open and it closes on Thursday 4 September. Sign up using  the online form. Your team's take-off time will be emailed to the given address no later than Monday 8 September.

3. Make sure to be at the starting point about 10 mins before your appointed take-off time. At the starting location you will receive a map marked with your assigned control points. Please do not hesitate to approach the send-off officials, as they will provide you with the map, instructions and eventually they send your team off.

4. Find and visit all the control points. Downtown Orienteering is not a speed race! The control points close at 8.30 p.m. at the latest. The main idea is to have fun. Keep in mind, however, that you represent all university students!

5. Arrive at Pakkahuone (Tullikamarin aukio 2, entry on the side of the railway station) after you have visit all the control points for the afterparty! The doors will be open from 8 p.m. There the team with the most points wins Tamy's Grand Prix Prize! From the afterparty orienteers and control point organizers alike can get a Downtown Orienteering badge for their overalls. The badge (see right) costs €2 and is sold at the finish line. It's the perfect memento from Downtown Orienteering!

Registration for control point organizers

If you are Tamy's association and want to registration for control point organizer contact the Secretary for Communication and Organizational Affairs ( Sign-up for control point organizers is open until noon on Wednesday 3 September.

Any questions?

Queries and further information: Virve Valtonen (

As the name suggests, the Grand Opening Party is a party that kicks off the academic year. Usually thrown in the first week of September, the Grand Opening has traditionally been one of Tamy's most popular events.

For the second time, the Party is arranged in cooperation with the University, and judging by the experiences and feedback from the last year, the Party's going to be mind-blowing! The Party lasts the whole opening day, which means there's activities and performances available throughout the day from the opening ceremony to the evening party. Our goal is to bring together the whole University and show a warm welcome to new students.

Grand Opening Party 2 September 2014

Opening ceremony, sparkling wine, music, discussions, stands, grilling, chilling, bands! 

At the beginning of academic year 2014–2015, the Grand Opening Party begins at noon on Tuesday 2 September at the University Main Building and its courtyard. There's an entire day filled with activity: during the day there's openings, discussion, performances, stands and much else and in the evening we'll party together with different bands and Risto at Klubi!

Take a closer look at the Party's...

Programme, where you can find out what's happening during the course of the day.

Discussion participants, who bring with them different points of view related to being in a university community and doing things together. One of the participants is the Good Teacher of the year 2014.

Stands – Who shall present their activities at the downstairs lobbies of the Main Building and what kinds of fun stuff is there to do?

Performers – What kinds of shows are we to expect to see at the Main Building during the day, which bands speed us up at Klubi?

Gallery - Look at us go at the last year party! The Flickr link below also leads you back to the memories of the last year party.

Participate also in Facebook!


Grand Opening Party 2013

In the year 2013, the Opening Party was arranged together by Tamy and the University for the first time. The whole day contained a plethora of activities like introductions, discussion events, band gigs at Pinni B amphitheatre, grilling, and the whole thing climaxed in a party evening led by Anssi Kela. The experience and the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that the event is absolutely going to be done in cooperation again - let's make the Opening Party an event for the whole University community!

See the atmosphere at the 2013 party on Tamy's Flickr account.


The traditional Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is part of Tamy's Organization Week and it takes over the University Main Building's lobby every year at the end of September. During the Fair associations, clubs and other organizations acting in cooperation with the University and the Student Union spread out in the lobby and introduce themselves to students. Come take a tour and see if you can find a new hobby for yourself!

Most of the associations on display, including student associations, hobby associations and council groups, operate within Tamy, but other associations are welcome as well. There's usually some civic organizations partaking in the Idea Fair, too.

For freshmen the Idea Fair is an excellent way of getting to know different organizations at the University and in their new home town.

The Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair 2014

This year the Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair takes place on Wednesday 24 September 2014 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The following associations, clubs and other organizations introduce themselves in English. The complete list of organizations you'll find here in Finnish.

Akateemiset pelaajat ry / Academic Gamers
Akateemiset pelaajat ry is an association for everyone interested in games and playing. Welcome to play with us at our stand and hear more about our activities! For more info:

Boomareiden olutseura BOSA ry
BOSA ry is the biggest, most beautiful and diverse beer society. Aside from welcoming all students regardless of what they study, BOSA has much more to offer than just mindblowing beer experiences. Come to our desk, check, our facebook, and come to one our evenings.

Committee for International Affairs
Committee for International Affairs prepares items and assists Tamy’s Executive Board as well as acts as a link between student associations and Tamy in matters relating to international affairs. The committee meetings are open to everyone, so you are welcome to join us any time!

ESN Fint
ESN Fint supports the exchange students in blending in on the Finnish culture, as well as the returning students in keeping up the international atmosphere they learned to love during their exchange abroad. We offer all kinds of free-time activities for both national and international students and try to integrate exchange students as an equal part of the student community.

Globaali sosiaalityö ry    
Global Social Work Finland is a nationwide nonaligned organization. The mission is to promote internationality and partnership in the field of social welfare work. In addition, the goal is to further global solidarity and social justice.

Kulttuuriyhdistys Keri ry
Kulttuuriyhdistys Keri ry is a registered non-political association, with the purpose of arranging a multitude of cultural events and activities for it's members. Kulttuuriyhdistys KERI ry (Cultural Association KERI) is famous for its dance courses, which have been regularly held since mid 80's. Keri's activities cover a wide variety, and it's main thought and theme is to do what we feel like doing. Members are welcome to join in every Keri activity.

Maailmankauppa Tasajako / Worldshop Tasajako
Worldshop Tasajako is a Fair Trade webshop. The members of Tasajako Association for Sustainable Development maintains it and we also participate in events in the Tampere region. You can visit our table and try your luck at our quiz, you may win a Fair Trade tote bag!

Opiskelijan Tampere
Opiskelijan Tampere (Student's Tampere) ry is an association meant for all students living in Tampere. The purpose of the association is to get student discounts from Tampere, offer students a free of charge apartment brooking service and get students to know Tampere better. Come and get your Student SuperBooklet, our brand new overall badge and participate to our competition, where you can win fabulous prices!

Tampere Rugby Club
Are you looking for a new hobby? Tampere Rugby Club invites everyone, men and women, to try out and join the club. Rugby is a true team sport and there’s room for everyone regardless of size and shape. or

Tampereen Eurooppanuoret / The European Youth of Tampere
TEN – The European Youth of Tampere. TEN is a local group of JEF Finland. We are a politically and religiously independent group and do not shun even the more critical opinions. We organize seminars, field trips and relaxed get-togethers. After the Idea Fair at 4pm we arrange a get-together at restaurant Telakka specifically for international students. Welcome!

Tampereen Kokoomusopiskelijat TYKO ry
Tampereen Kokoomusopiskelijat is a political organization. We are the local student organization of the center-right political party National Coalition. Our main focus is on politics and having fun! Come see us at the idea fair and learn more about us.

Tampereen YK-yhdistys (Tayk ry)
Tampere United Nations Association (Tayk ry) is politically non-committed NGO, whose purpose is to emphasize and bring forward the values and principles of the UN in the Tampere region. We organise seminars and discussion evenings on current topics, do excursions all over Finland and organize all kinds of jolly events. Our events are open for all so welcome aboard! You can find Tayk from the wonderful world of Internet: and also in Facebook!

Tampereen yliopiston laulajat
Tampere University Singers (TYL) is a 50-year-old mixed stundent choir. Our goal is to combine joy of singing and high artistic goals. Next concerts will be on October with Juvenalia-choir from Espoo at Tampere University Auditorium and Sello Hall in Espoo. Welcome!

Tampereen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta Tamy (Student Union of University of Tampere)
Come chat with the Executive Board about Tamy's activities or any student-related matters. Share your visions, give feedback and tell us what Tamy should do in the year 2015. The decisions about next year's projects are being prepared right now. Read more about how you can participate in planning Tamy's activities.

TIPSY is an international student association for students in the Peace, Mediation, and Conflict Research program and others interested in peace. We function entirely in English and our members are both Finnish and International students. Our website is

TUHO - Tampere University Hockey
TUHO - Tampere University Hockey is  Ice hockey team at Tampere University. We welcome every passioned player in our team. Only thing that we demand is a proper ice hockey gear. In season 2014-2015 we're playing at Finnish Ice Hockey Association's amateur series.

TYVE - Tampereen yliopiston vegaanit
TYVE or UTA Vegans is a new association for all students and staff at UTA drawn together by a shared interest in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Our activities are based on the ideas and wishes of our members e.g. we're currently planning a vegan cooking course. Join us and learn more!

UTA Debate Society
Intellectual fun and verbal self-defence! Develop your argumentation, public speaking and communication skills. We have a long history in bringing people together for interesting discussions. Open for Finnish and international students, no previous experience needed.,

Vattu is a small, but active feminist association. Vattu organizes a variety of activities such as movie nights, discussions, excursions, craft events and parties based on the wishes and interests of our members. Find out more from our blog:

Ympäristövaliokunta/Committee for Environmental Affairs    
The committee is promoting an ecological and ethical lifestyle at the University among students.


More information about the Fair from the Secretary for Communications and Organizational Affairs.


A.E. Jännes ja valtakirja.


In 1954, Elli and Niilo Jännes donated 100,000 Finnish marks to Tamy's predecessor, the Student Union of the Civic College to be used as the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund. The donation letter states that the resources must be used annually “to reward the most distinguished students in the poetry class of the Student Union's hobby competition. The award may first be given in the 1956 hobby competition. If the hobby competition is not arranged, that year's income from interest shall be added to the funds in total.”

The A.E. Jännes writing competition has been arranged countless times, usually every second year, and its topics have included everything from cabaret and sketches to good/evil and young poetry. For information about the next writing competition follow the What's Happening? bulletin.

A.E. Jännes writing competition's rules

The competition's rules, participation instructions and prizes are determined by the Student Union of the University of Tampere based on the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund's donation letter.

1. The Student Union of the University of Tampere, Tamy, shall arrange the Arvi Emil Jännes writing competition annually. The Student Union's Executive Board shall decide the name and theme of the competition each year.

2. Everyone who is living, working or studying in Finland and has not published a literary work may participate in the competition. An author's edition counts as a literary work. Publishing in an anthology is not an impediment to participating in the competition so long as the entered story has not been previously published.

3. The competition shall have a jury, whose members are chosen each year so that they have a connection with that year's theme. The jury shall not give reviews for single entries. An expert from outside the Student Union shall have the power of decision in the jury. If no stories worth rewarding enter the competition, that year's reward sum may be given out later.

4. The participant agrees to have his or her work published without separate recompense. Award-winning works shall be stored in the Student Union's archives. Works that do not win awards shall be stored for two years.

5. The competition is funded from the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund's resources that were donated to Tamy by Elli and Niilo Jännes in 1954. The competition has been arranged regularly since 1956.

Tamy's history project was started when the Green Party's council group proposed Tamy's history be written. A history working group was set up in 2009 to plan and coordinate writing the history. Ms Tiina Heikkilä, Tamy's Executive Board member, acted as the working group's chair from 2010 to 2013. Her predecessor was Ms Anna Ulvinen. Other members in the history working group were Ms Reetta Eiranen, Ms Anna Ulvinen and Ms Salla Heikkinen.

In 2009, the history working group put the history out for tender and chose the Department of History and Philosophy in the University of Tampere to execute the work. Mr Vesa Vartiainen and Mrs Mervi Kaarninen are the authors of the history and Heikki and Pirkko Koski act as its patrons.

The book, titled in Finnish as Elämää ja taistelua - Tampereen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta ja sen edeltäjät 1925-2010 was published in the spring of 2013. It is the first of its kind. In addition to studying the Student Union, the book discusses Tamy's forerunner. Tamy's annual reports, the student newspaper Aviisi and tradition serve as source material for the history.

The book is on sale at the Juvenes Campus store in the Main Building of the University (45 €).

Tamy's history has been funded by the Majaoja Foundation (€2,500), the Jalmari Finne Foundation (€10,000) and the Science Fund of the City of Tampere.


Since 2001, the Vappulakki award has been given to a party that has promoted student culture in Tamy's May Day event. Tamy's Culture Section is responsible for picking the award winner.

The actual Vappulakki award is a rather large contraption that looks like a student cap. Because it is both big and fragile, it is best to present the cap to the award winner as a symbolic gesture in the ceremony and store it at Tamy for the rest of the year. This way it stays in one piece and won't get lost. A certificate of honour is given with the award.

Award winnersVappulakki-palkinto on suuri.

Culture within Tamy
Culture in Tampere

Culture within Tamy

  • ELKI – Association for the Enlivenment of Literature. ELKI was founded in spring 2009 by literature students in the University of Tampere. Its purpose is to enliven the culture of letters and to create alternatives to the commercialization and productization of literature.
  • Vastavalo Photography Club. Vastavalo is your route to the world of photography. Whether you occasionally snap a picture or devote yourself passionately to the values of aesthetics, we have a lot to offer!
  • Keri. Keri is a joint culture association for educational institutions in Tampere. It organizes inexpensive visits to theatres and concerts, nature trips, board game nights, bowling, floor ball, ultimate, miniature golf and other fun stuff.
  • TASO – Tampere Academic Symphony Orchestra. Founded in spring 2003, TASO is the first symphony orchestra with musicians from all higher education institutions in Tampere.
  • TYL – Tampere University Singers. Founded in 1964, TYL is a mixed student choir that offers its members a chance to be target-oriented about their music interest – in good company, of course.
  • TYRMÄYS – Association for Heavy Metal in the University of Tampere. The purpose of Tyrmäys is to unite people with an interest in heavy metal and to arrange related events and activities.
  • Tampereen ylioppilasteatteri. Tampereen ylioppilasteatteri is one of the most prominent amateur theatres in the Pirkanmaa Region. It has a diverse repertoire and student-friendly prices.
  • Torvikopla. Torvikopla is a student big band whose players come mainly from the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology.
  • Tukkateatteri. Founded in 1999, Tukkateatteri is a theatre group that aims to discover new perspectives and to look beyond the obvious in their performances.

Culture in Tampere

  • Telakka. Awarded with Tamy's Culture Section's Vappulakki award in spring 2011, Telakka is home to a live music venue and an alternative professional theatre.
  • Klubi. Klubi, located in the 100-year-old Tullikamari building, is a popular live music venue and meeting place among students.
  • Events in Tampere. An event calendar hosted by VisitTampere.
  • Arthouse Cinema Niagara. Located in the idyllic Kehräsaari, Arthouse Cinema Niagara boasts a diverse programme of films. Niagara's special screenings are subtitled in English.
  • Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. Classical music in Tampere Hall.
  • Museums in Tampere. A list of museums in Tampere by the City of Tampere.
  • Theatres in Tampere. A list of theatres in Tampere by the City of Tampere.
  • Vastavirta. Vastavirta is an alternative music club in Pispala.
  • Yo-talo. Partly owned by Tamy, Yo-talo has been home to clubs, discos and live music ever since 1960s.
  • O'Connell's Irish Bar. O'Connell's has an immensely popular weekly pub quiz and gigs.

Is the list missing something important? Let the Secretary for Organizational Affairs know!