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Could eating insects provide a solution to the global food shortage and environmental problems? Are you interested in learning to cook vegetarian food or in hearing how Fairtrade coffee ends up in your coffee cup? Join us to learn about, discuss and find new perspectives to food and food production!

Further information:

Event Producer Salla Heikkinen

Tuesday 24 Nov

How to compile a healthy vegan meal (both in Finnish and in English)
12 noon to 2 p.m.

How to compile a healthy vegan meal (both in Finnish and in English)
Lotta Pelkonen, the nutrition specialist from the Vegan Society in Finland reveals how to plan a healthy vegetarian diet. The lecture tells us which vegetable products we should eat to get all necessary nutrients, and how to eat in a healthy, easy and environmentally-friendly way.

Place: Main Building, lecture hall C8
Organizer: The Vegan Society in Finland (Vegaaniliitto ry)

Global problems caused by the increased consumption of foods of animal origin (in Finnish)
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Global problems caused by the increased consumption of foods of animal origin (in Finnish)
The global effects of food consumption on the environment are becoming unbearable due to population growth and changes in people’s consumption patterns. Meanwhile, the improving standards of living in the Western countries and the consumption prospects that follow would in fact allow us to make great changes in our eating habits. Would now be the time to take a step towards a more culturally, ecologically and socially sustainable diet that also respects animal rights? Vinnari’s presentation examines global trends in food consumption and reflects on the type of changes that would need to be made in the food production chain to take us to a sustainable path. A lecture by Docent Markus Vinnari, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Tampere.

Place: Main Building, lecture hall C8
Organizer: The Vegan Society in Finland (Vegaaniliitto ry)

An activity-based workshop on human rights and food (in Finnish)
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This activity-based workshop introduces us to the prerequisites of life - or to the lack of them - through shared experiences and activities. Come and join our workshop to familiarize yourself with the activities and methods of Tampere Maailmankoulu Global School, which works on continuing teacher training. Please sign up in advance by 19 November 2015 by sending email to

Place: Main Building, lecture hall A08
Organizer: Tampere Maailmankoulu Global School

TYVE’s and Tampiiri’s veggie baking course (THE COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED)
4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Tampere University Vegans (TYVE) organizes a vegan veggie baking course together with Tamy’s organic food association, Tampiiri. NOTE! THE COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED.

Organizers: Tampere University Vegans (TYVE) and Tampiiri ry


Take Charge film club: This Changes Everything
klo 17.30-20

5.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Take Charge film club: This Changes Everything
Greenpeace Tampere invites everyone to come and watch a film based on Naomi Klein’s bestseller This Changes Everything. The film presents how people stop the climate change in different parts of the world, from the coal mining areas in Montana to the Athabasca oil sands, and form the coast of South India to Beijing. What if facing up to the climate crisis actually is our best opportunity to build a new and better world? The director of the film is Avi Lewis, and the film trailer can be viewed at
The event will be opened by Elina Mathlin from Greenpeace Tampere. After the film, you may drop by the Take Charge promise stand and make a personal decision to fight for a more climate-friendly world.

Place: PinniB, lecture hall B1096
Organizer: Greenpeace Tampere

Wednesday 25 Nov

Organic development cooperation breakfast at Alakuppila café
8.30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

To mark Tamy’s Environmental and Development Cooperation Days, the Juvenes breakfast on Wednesday 25 November includes even more organic and Fairtrade products than usual. During breakfast time, Alakuppila café also hosts donation boxes and information on Tamy’s development cooperation project. By donating, you can promote people’s health in Thari desert in India. The raised funds are used to establish gardens, build toilets and install water filters for the people in Thari desert. For more information on the project, please visit:

Development cooperation lunch at Juvenes restaurant in the Main Building
10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Of each vegetarian lunch bought on Wednesday 25 November at Juvenes Main Campus, Juvenes Corporation donates 10 cents for Tamy’s development cooperation project. Welcome to enjoy a delicious lunch while at the same time promoting the health of people living in Thari desert in India. The raised funds are used to establish gardens, build toilets and install water filters for the people in Thari desert. For more information on the project, please visit:

Association Fair
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Association Fair provides you with an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the activities of different associations working with the environment and development cooperation. The Fair also provides a table for the exchange of items and a collection point for hazardous waste. Visit the exchange table to get rid of old clothes or other items that you no longer need, and find something useful in turn. At the collection point for hazardous waste, you can leave empty batteries, energy saving light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, small electric and electronic waste as well as records and papers covered by data protection law.

Place: Main lobby and the lobby of the main auditorium (Main Building)
Organizer: Tamy

Interactive lecture: A better world by eating: The most crucial food choices for the environment (in Finnish)
12 noon to 2 p.m.

What are we eating for dinner today? What about tomorrow? How can we feed 9 billion people?  Everyday food choices are an important part of our life now as well as in the future. Food production consumes an enormous amount of natural resources, and our everyday choices have great global effects. How can we make good food choices that benefit both our health and the environment? The lecture examines the global environmental effects of food production and reflects on some easy answers to difficult questions about food choices. The lecture is delivered by Stella Höynälänmaa, Project Coordinator of the Ecological Footprint programme at WWF Finland.

Place: Main Building, lecture hall A3
Organizer: WWF Finland

Secret diary from animal farms (in Finnish)
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Eveliina Lundqvist studied to become an animal keeper and completed practical training periods on several animal farms, such as cow sheds, piggeries and chicken farms. However, Lundqvist was not your average student: she was a Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry, who wanted to investigate the conditions on animal farms and decided to turn her experiences into a book titled “Salainen päiväkirja eläintiloilta” (Secret diary from animal farms). At this special event, Eveliina Lundqvist will be interviewed by Chair of Tamy’s Committee for Environmental Affairs Milka Hanhela on the basis of the book, and time is also reserved for open questions and discussion. To crown the event, Lundqvist’s books are available for purchase and signing.

Place: Main Building, lecture hall C6
Organizer: Tamy

Documentary: Living on one dollar
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Living on One Dollar is a documentary film that follows the journey of four friends as they set out to live on just $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala. They battle hunger, parasites and extreme financial stress as they attempt to survive life on the edge. Even though this is an unimaginable reality for most young Americans, the challenges the friends face are real and plague over 1.1 billion people around the world. The movie is in English.

Place: Pinni B1100
Organizer: Tamy’s Committee for Development Cooperation


Thursday 26 Nov

Biodynamic farm complex: Ecological & social food production (in Finnish)
10 a.m to 12 noon

A functional farm complex, i.e. a farm organism, is one of the core ideas of biodynamic farming philosophy. A farm complex that functions properly enables cultivation in a way that helps to recycle nutrients, increases the self-sufficiency of farms and enables high-quality and comprehensive food production, as well as serves as a social centre. Biodynamic farming is the world’s oldest farming trend and a global cultivation movement that combines ecological and social aspects (such as community spirit and cooperation with consumers and retailers). Moreover, it is an attempt to produce the world’s most energetic food. The lecture is delivered by Henri Murto, gardener at Rekolan puutarha company.

Place: Main Building, lecture hall D13
Organizer: Biodynaaminen yhdistys - Biodynamiska föreningen ry

A summary lecture: What kind of food is our world fed with? (in Finnish)
12 noon to 2 p.m.

Welcome to listen to brief expert introductions to what sustainable food production in Finland and abroad really involves. The purpose of the event is to draw together the themes discussed during the theme days and to offer an opportunity for the exchange of ideas among the event participants and experts. The experts speaking at the event include Senior Researcher Helena Kahiluoto form the Natural Resources Institute Finland, who will discuss global food safety, and Jaana Elo from the Finnish Organic Association, who will provide an introduction to organic food production in Finland.

Place: Main Building, lecture hall D13
Organizer: Tamy

Lecture and discussion event on insect economy (in Finnish)
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Could eating insects provide an environmentally-friendly solution that would secure an adequate intake of protein for the ten billion people that will be living on our planet in the future? Insect-eating provides lots of possibilities, but a broader farming includes many problematic issues. The lecture is delivered by Ilkka Taponen, entrepreneur, IFF Automation.

Place: PinniB, lecture hall B1096
Organizer: Tamy

Fair coffee table discussion (in Finnish)
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

"How has the Fairtrade certification system affected the lives of coffee growers? Why do people in Tampere buy Fairtrade coffee?” The journey of coffee to our coffee cups includes many steps from the picking of berries to the roasting of coffee beans. Over a hundred Fairtrade coffee products are sold in Finland, but only two percent of the world’s coffee growers have been granted Fairtrade certification. Join us to learn and talk about coffee - over a nice cup of coffee of course! The discussion is lead by Programme Manager Teemu Sokka from Fairtrade Finland and Managing Director Reija Paakkinen from Mokkamestarit coffee company.

Place: Kahveri meeting room, Main Building
Organizer: Working Group for Supporting Fairtrade at UTA

Engaging in volunteer work outside Finland; infromation session of Maailmanvaihto ry – ICYE Finland (in Finnish)
4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Are you interested in working as a volunteer outside Finland? Come and get information on possibilities to engage as a volunteer abroad for a period of 6 to 12 months through Maailmanvaihto ry – ICYE Finland! At the information session, you will have the chance to hear volunteers telling about their real-life experiences. Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland is a non-profit civic organization that sends young adults to work as volunteers in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Oceania, as well as receives international young people coming to work as volunteers in Finland. The purpose of the organization's activities is to promote intercultural understanding and to offer learning opportunities for volunteers and the people who they work amongst.

Place: Lecture hall A05, Main Buildinh
Organizer: Maailmanvaihto ry – ICYE Finland

TED Talks goes pub
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

TED is a global community that changes our understanding of society by sharing short but passionate speeches, making them available for everyone. The event at Ravintola Mallashovi offers you the opportunity to hear interesting speeches related to food and development themes. After the speeches, it is time for open discussion, and we also have some professionals present to comment on the speeches. Come join us to make the discussion vivid and interesting, or get inspired simply by listening! The languages of the event are English and Finnish.

Place: Mallashovi restaurant at Satakunnankatu 22
Organizer: Tamy’s Committee for Development Cooperation

Facebook event:

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NB! All events are free of charge, open for everyone and accessible, unless the event description states otherwise. Changes in the schedule are possible.

Tamy's Vappulakki-award was given to Yellow House. Photograph by Jonne Renvall

The Student Union of University of Tampere started the May Day week by awarding the traditional Vappulakki-award to Yellow House. Vappulakki is a recognition award, which is awarded each year to a cultural entity which operates in Tampere or in its neighbouring regions, and which has significantly promoted student’s culture. Tamy’s Culture Section chooses the recipient of the Vappulakki-award every year.

As the name suggests, the Grand Opening Party is a party that kicks off the academic year. Usually thrown in the first week of September, the Grand Opening has traditionally been one of Tamy's most popular events.

Granting the Vappulakki Award 2012

Tamy's traditional Vappulakki Award was granted to Hirvitalo, Center of Contemporary Art Pispala in 2012. The award ceremony was held during a spring party, organized by Tamy and Tampereen tieteentekijät ry, at the University on 27 April 2012.

For the 31st time, the Student Union of the University of Tampere organizes the Women Culture Days – an event of feminist studies, art and activities. This year's event is called Rokitus – Rock it grrrl! As the name suggests, the event revolves around music, which is a means to interpret emotions as well as politics.

Registration and instructions for teams
Registration for control point organizers

Downtown Orienteering is a light-hearted competition where freshman teams, accompanied by more seasoned students, explore their new home town by visiting control points run by different associations and organizations around downtown. Downtown Orienteering takes place the week after the Grand Opening Party, which means that in 2016, the famous Downtown Orienteering takes place on 13 September. The most successful teams will be handsomely rewarded at the afterparty in Pakkahuone, where all teams and control point organizers get together for an unforgettable evening!

Downtown Orienteering is all about going all-in and sporting a positive attitude, so keep in mind that dressing up and bringing out the eccentric in you and your team is highly encouraged! Your team will also benefit from a punchy slogan to let the others know where you stand! Often it's not the perfect performance that wins the game but the most creative team (or the one who bribes the control point organizers). Furthermore, at the afterparty prizes will be awarded to not only the best team, but also to the team with the most flamboyant costumes and the one with the best vibes!


Registration and instructions for teams

The first 140 teams to sign up get a spot in the Orienteering (plus 10 standby teams in case of cancellation). The teams take off between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. by the Amphitheatre outside the Pinni B building on main campus.


1. Assemble a team consisting of ca. five people. Come up with a name and a slogan for your team. Originality is a significant asset in Downtown Orienteering! Keep in mind that at the afterparty not only the best team, but also to the team with the most flamboyant costumes and the one with the best vibes will be awarded!

2. Registration for teams is now open and it closes on Monday 5 September at 9.00 am. Sign up using  the online form. Your team's take-off time will be emailed to the given address no later than Friday 9 September.

3. Make sure to be at the starting point about 10 mins before your appointed take-off time. At the starting location you will receive a map marked with your assigned control points. Please do not hesitate to approach the send-off officials, as they will provide you with the map, instructions and eventually they send your team off.

4. Find and visit all the control points. Downtown Orienteering is not a speed race! The control points close at 8.30 p.m. at the latest. The main idea is to have fun. Keep in mind, however, that you represent all university students!

5. Arrive at Pakkahuone (Tullikamarin aukio 2, entry on the side of the railway station) after you have visit all the control points for the afterparty! The doors will be open from 8 p.m. There the team with the most points wins Tamy's Grand Prix Prize! From the afterparty orienteers and control point organizers alike can buy a Downtown Orienteering badge for their overalls. It's the perfect memento from Downtown Orienteering!

Registration for control point organizers

If you are Tamy's association and want to registration for control point organizer contact the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs ( Sign-up for control point organizers is open until 9 am on Monday 5 September.

Any questions?

Queries and further information: Maria Mäki-Hakola (jvasiantuntija(at)


As the name suggests, the Grand Opening Party is a party that kicks off the academic year. Usually thrown in the first week of September, the Grand Opening has traditionally been one of Tamy's most popular events.

For the third time, the Party is arranged in cooperation with the University, and judging by the experiences and feedback from the last year, the Party's going to be mind-blowing! The Party lasts the whole opening day, which means there's activities and performances available throughout the day from the opening ceremony to the evening party. Our goal is to bring together the whole University and give the new students a warm welcome.

Opening day of the academic year 2016-17

The opening of the academic year 2016-2017 will be celebrated in the main building at 12-15 pm.

The opening ceremony will begin in the main auditorium at 12. After the opening ceremony at about 13 pm., the lobbies on the floor of Café Alakuppila will be filled with info stands where associations and hobby groups present their activities. The main lobby on the ground floor will feature a variety of performances by members of the University community.

At about 15 pm. the party will move to Tullikamarinaukio to the outdoor bar of restaurant Klubi where a picnic/grill party will be organised. If it rains, the party will take place indoors.

The evening continues with music and other programme at Klubi until 20 pm. and end with a free concert at Pakkahuone in which Horse attack sqwad will be the main band.

 Facebook event


Pinni B, address: Kanslerinrinne 1:

At 11:00
Opening prayer at the University chapel
Chaplain Risto Korhonen

Main building, address: Kalevantie 4:

At 12-13.30

Opening ceremony in the main auditorium:

The ceremonial procession walks into the auditorium
Opening speech: Rector Liisa Laakso
Announcing the alumnus/alumna of the year and his/her speech
Speech by a staff representative: Professor Mari Hatavara
Speech by a student representative: Mikael Malkamäki, Chair of the Board of the Student Union of University of Tampere
Awarding the annual dissertation prizes of the City of Tampere and Tampere University Foundation
The national anthem
Sparkling wine will be served to the audience of the opening ceremony in the reception area outside the main auditorium.

At 13.00-15.30
Info stands of the associations and hobby clubs of members of the University community in the lower foyer

At 13.30
Coffee served to the alumni in the Alakuppila cafeteria
Hosted by Vice-rector Harri Melin

At 14.00
Guided tours of the main campus area starting from the Alakuppila cafeteria

At 13.30-15.00
Performances in the main foyer:
13.30 UtaDance
          Utadance ja CLS
14.00 Tukkateatteri
14.30 Kung Fu Thieu Lam Tampere

Klubi/Pakkahuone, Tullikamarinaukio 2:

At 16-20 Barbeque at the beer garden of Klubi (entrance through the Klubi door)
Free food and drinks served to the quickest!

At 18-20
Music and other programme at Klubi

At 20.00-23.00
Performers at Pakkahuone include UtaDance and Horse Attack Sqwad.

Klubi and Pakkahuone will be open until 04 a.m.

The students, employees and alumni of the University of Tampere have free entry to all the events (Klubi will charge a 2-euro cloakroom fee). Please take your student or employee card or alumni’s free pass to the evening party!



Last year's event:

Grand Opening Party 3 September 2015

Opening ceremony, sparkling wine, music, stands, grilling, chilling, bands! 

At the beginning of academic year 2015–2016, the Grand Opening Party begins at noon on Thursday 3 September at the University Main Building and its courtyard. The entire day is packed full with activities – there's the opening ceremony, performances, stands and much, much more... and in the evening, we'll party together in the Klubi and Pakkahuone nightclubs with different bands and the main performer Teflon Brothers!

The Grand Opening Party is also on Facebook!

Take a closer look at the Party's...

Programme, where you can find out what's happening during the course of the day.

Stands – Who exactly is going to be around to present their group or association, and what do they have to offer?

Performers and entertainers – What kind of show will there be at the University, and who will entertain us at Klubi in the after party?


Want to know what the Grand Opening Party of 2014 was like? Visit Tamy's Flickr account to find out!


The traditional Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is part of Tamy's Organization Week and it takes over the University Main Building's lobby every year at the end of September. This year the Idea Fair takes place on Wednesday 28 September at 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. During the Fair associations, clubs and other organizations acting in cooperation with the University and the Student Union spread out in the lobby and introduce themselves to students. Come take a tour and see if you can find a new hobby for yourself!

Most of the associations on display, including student associations, hobby associations and council groups, operate within Tamy, but other associations are welcome as well. There's usually some civic organizations partaking in the Idea Fair, too.

For freshmen the Idea Fair is an excellent way of getting to know different organizations at the University and in their new home town.

Sign-up for organizations:

Tamy's traditional Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is organized on Wednesday 28 Sept 2016 at 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the University of Tampere main building’s lobby in two floors. At the fair the various associations, clubs and other organizations acting in cooperation with the University or student union spread out for an entire day to introduce themselves to students. The Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is organized as part of Tamy's Organization Week. Even if you already have an event for the Organization Week, you can still also sign up for the Idea Fair. Of course, all associations that do not have an event planned are also welcome to sign up for the fair.

The association sign-up for the fair is now open, and it ends on Tuesday 20 Sept at 10 a.m. or when the presentation table slots run out. The fair has prepared about 40 tables, so there is preliminarily room for 40 associations. The table and screen can be shared with another association, however, so the amount of participants can be increased. If you wish to share a table, please let us know when you sign up.  Preference is given to associations, clubs and other organizations acting in cooperation with the University or student association. If there are leftover tables we can also include others.

As you sign up, please add an introduction of your association to this website. If the fair visitors can partake in your association's activities in both languages, please add introductions for both languages. We will not translate them for you.

We will send confirmation of your participation and further instructions regarding marketing to your designated contact person's email before the Idea Fair.

Link to the online form. You can also contact the specialist of organizational affairs at


Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair 2015

Tamy's traditional Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is organized on Wednesday 23 Sept 2015 at 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the University of Tampere main building’s lobby in two floors.

The following associations, clubs and other organizations introduced themselves in English. The complete list of organizations you'll find here in Finnish.

Tampereen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta Tamy (Student Union of University of Tampere)
Come chat with the Executive Board about Tamy's activities or any student-related matters. Share your visions, give feedback and tell us what Tamy should do in the year 2015. The decisions about next year's projects are being prepared right now. Read more about how you can participate in planning Tamy's activities.

Akateemiset pelaajat ry   

Akateemiset pelaajat ry (Academic Gamers ry) is an organization devoted to games, whether it’s playing or discussing about them, or organizing game-related events. You are welcome to our Facebook group ""Akateemiset pelaajat"" and to our monthly gatherings! More info:

Amnesty Tampere

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization which objective is to conduct research, generate action and end grace abuses of human rights, and demand justice. Amnesty Tampere is a local group of Amnesty International. Join us at Tamy's Idea Fair and try out our asylum seeker game!

Amnesty Tampere is on Facebook:


Animalia strives to improve the current state of animal welfare and animal rights by having them more carefully considered in legislation, education and everyday dealings with animals. Animalia’s primary areas of focus are animal experimentation, factory farming and fur farming.

FreezeBees ry   

FreezeBees is the association for ultimate in the University of Tampere. Ultimate is a fast paced team sport played with a frisbee. Anyone is welcome to join regardless of age, sex or former sports experience! FreezeBees practises three times a week in Atalpa and organizes a beginners' course every autumn plus different activities such as parties and other soirées. And of course, we participate in many tournaments throughout the year!

Iltakoulu ry

Iltakoulu is the student association for students of political science in Tampere. Come and check out our spot to see some patches we have for sale and to chat! Our degree programme has plenty of interesting courses in English as well!

Interaktio ry

Interaktio ry, the student association for the Social Sciences in the University of Tampere!

Student associations are student-run organizations of one or more subjects at the university that organize activities for members. Associations also keep an eye on students’ interests in the various governmental bodies of the university, particularly their own department.


Committee for Organizational Affairs supports Tamy's organizational sector in executing the operational grant application and e.g. in improving Tamy's association rooms. In addition, the Committee for Organizational Affairs can, according to its interests, for example participate in planning trainings and events for associations.

Kameraseura Vastavalo

Tampere University Photography Association


In the Committee for Development Cooperation, you'll get a chance to learn about development cooperation issues and to see how development cooperation projects are executed. The duties of this committee include assisting the Secretary or International Affairs in their work relating to Tamy's India project.
In the coming year the committee's role in planning and monitoring projects will be even more active. In this committee, you have the chance to put your studies into practice where it really matters. You can major in any given subject as long as you are eager to make an influence!

Lexica ry

Lexica represents the students of foreign languages (English, the Nordic languages, French, Russian, and German). You can find us at on Twitter(@lexica_ry), and on Facebook (Lexica ry). We organize parties, excursions, and various get-togethers, so come and join us!


Nääs-Partio is a student scout group arranging a wide range of events. We welcome everyone interested in scouting and outdoor life, no previous experience is required. Nääs-Partio has also got different kinds of camping equipment which our members can borrow.
More information is available on our website There you can join our email-list where we post information about coming events. Best way to contact us is either via email, npartio at or entering NäPa's world wide IRCnet-channel #npartio
--- Nääs-Partio, weather is never an excuse ---"

Opiskelijan Tampere

Opiskelijan Tampere (Student's Tampere) ry is an association meant for all students living in Tampere. The purpose of the association is to get student discounts from Tampere, offer students a free of charge apartment brooking service and get students to know Tampere better. Come to meet us, to get your Student SuperBooklet and our brand new overall badge! We can be found from:

Pirkanmaan eläinsuojeluyhdistys Pesu ry

Pirkanmaan eläinsuojeluyhdistys Pesu ry works for animal welfare around Pirkanmaa region. We arrange and participate in different animal-related happenings. We also take care of homeless animals in foster homes and look for new permanent homes for them.

Tampereen Opiskelevat Keskustalaiset

Welcome to meet the Centerstudents of Tampere, Tampereen Opiskelevat Keskustalaiset. We are a center-social-liberal political organisation with connections to the prime minister party, Keskusta. Our actions are multiple. Come and see!

Tampereen sosialidemokraattinen opiskelijayhdistys TASY   

TASY aka Tampere Social Democratic Student Association connects all socialist and social democratic students in Tampere. More info (in Finnish:

Tampereen vihreät nuoret

Tampereen Vihreät Nuoret ry, or Virnu in its abbreviated form, is the local youth wing of the Green League of Finland. Virnu is a part of VINO (Vihreät Nuoret ja Opiskelijat), the Federation of Green Youth and Students in Finland, and is active in Tampere and the surroundings. Virnu is the right place for you if f you want to influence the society using both political and NGO & DIY -style methods. In Virnu you get to know new people and make the world a bit better place to live in!

Virnu’s activities include for example vegetarian cooking club, political writing club and different kind of campaign actions and study groups. There is of course also the more official side of the organization with the board meetings and stuff, but we also regularly organize the so-called very relaxed “sauna get-togethers” where especially new people are warmly welcomed.

Tampereen YK-yhdistys (Tayk ry)

We are a local NGO founded in 2004 with the purpose to advance and promote the goals and principles of the United Nations. The association is open to all willing to participate and our purpose is to organise the sort of events and activities that reflect the personalities of the members of our association.

Tampereen yliopiston pohjalainen osakunta TYPO

TYPO gathers all students from the region of Ostrobothnia together to spend evenings and have fun with a familiar company. Come and stop by our table to get a glimpse of the Ostrobothnian attitude in Tampere university!

Tampereen Yliopiston roolipelaajat

Tampere University Role-Players (TYR) is role-playing club that organizes game nights approximately once a month. Other activities include for example boardgames, cottage trips, fairs and conversation nights, according to wishes of the members! At the presentation table will be small role-playing adventure and information about the upcoming newcomer evening.

Tampereen yliopiston vihreä vasemmisto

Academic freedom, scientific autonomy, basic income! We’re green, we’re queer, and we’re here to defend university democracy & fight fossil capitalism. ViVa is organizing a new members’ night in September, so follow us on and join the red-green fold!

Tamyn vihreä lista

The Green List is a non-party political group of green students. We want to have a student union which lobbies students’ benefits  bravely and promotes openness, parity and friendliness to the environment in the community of the University of Tampere and extensively in society. For the Green List education is free of charge, income support is basic income and the city is ecological and student-friendly.

UTA Debate Society

Do you like to discuss with others? Are you interested in public speaking, persuasion or argumentation? Would you like to meet and get to know people in an environment where English is the main language used? UTA Debate Society provides all this and much more. Come join our meetings every Tuesday at 17:00, in Pinni B 5078. No previous experience needed. There will be an introduction to debating for new members in every meeting. Facebook: UTA Debate Society

UtaSport ry

Utasport ry is a fitness organization for the students and staff of the University of Tampere that aims to improve and increase the available opportunities to exercise in versatile fitness, competitive or professional sports and to support low threshold exercise. UtaSport organizes various courses, sport introductions and exercise events. We also provide interested students with opportunities to find each other in sport clubs and to keep in touch with both previously familiar and completely new sports.

home page:


Vattu is a small but active feminist organization operating within Tamy. Keywords: queer, norm critical, gender studies!


More information about the Fair from the Specialist for Communications and Organizational Affairs.


A.E. Jännes ja valtakirja.


In 1954, Elli and Niilo Jännes donated 100,000 Finnish marks to Tamy's predecessor, the Student Union of the Civic College to be used as the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund. The donation letter states that the resources must be used annually “to reward the most distinguished students in the poetry class of the Student Union's hobby competition. The award may first be given in the 1956 hobby competition. If the hobby competition is not arranged, that year's income from interest shall be added to the funds in total.”

The A.E. Jännes writing competition has been arranged countless times, usually every second year, and its topics have included everything from cabaret and sketches to good/evil and young poetry. For information about the next writing competition follow the What's Happening? bulletin.

A.E. Jännes writing competition's rules

The competition's rules, participation instructions and prizes are determined by the Student Union of the University of Tampere based on the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund's donation letter.

1. The Student Union of the University of Tampere, Tamy, shall arrange the Arvi Emil Jännes writing competition annually. The Student Union's Executive Board shall decide the name and theme of the competition each year.

2. Everyone who is living, working or studying in Finland and has not published a literary work may participate in the competition. An author's edition counts as a literary work. Publishing in an anthology is not an impediment to participating in the competition so long as the entered story has not been previously published.

3. The competition shall have a jury, whose members are chosen each year so that they have a connection with that year's theme. The jury shall not give reviews for single entries. An expert from outside the Student Union shall have the power of decision in the jury. If no stories worth rewarding enter the competition, that year's reward sum may be given out later.

4. The participant agrees to have his or her work published without separate recompense. Award-winning works shall be stored in the Student Union's archives. Works that do not win awards shall be stored for two years.

5. The competition is funded from the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund's resources that were donated to Tamy by Elli and Niilo Jännes in 1954. The competition has been arranged regularly since 1956.

Tamy's history project was started when the Green Party's council group proposed Tamy's history be written. A history working group was set up in 2009 to plan and coordinate writing the history. Ms Tiina Heikkilä, Tamy's Executive Board member, acted as the working group's chair from 2010 to 2013. Her predecessor was Ms Anna Ulvinen. Other members in the history working group were Ms Reetta Eiranen, Ms Anna Ulvinen and Ms Salla Heikkinen.

In 2009, the history working group put the history out for tender and chose the Department of History and Philosophy in the University of Tampere to execute the work. Mr Vesa Vartiainen and Mrs Mervi Kaarninen are the authors of the history and Heikki and Pirkko Koski act as its patrons.

The book, titled in Finnish as Elämää ja taistelua - Tampereen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta ja sen edeltäjät 1925-2010 was published in the spring of 2013. It is the first of its kind. In addition to studying the Student Union, the book discusses Tamy's forerunner. Tamy's annual reports, the student newspaper Aviisi and tradition serve as source material for the history.

The book is on sale at the Juvenes Campus store in the Main Building of the University (45 €).

Tamy's history has been funded by the Majaoja Foundation (€2,500), the Jalmari Finne Foundation (€10,000) and the Science Fund of the City of Tampere.