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Tamyn tapahtumiin liittyvät sisällöt.

The Grand Opening Party for the academic year 2017–18 will be held on Tuesday September 5th. The application period for stand keepers in Alakuppila and performers in the lobby of the Main building is open until the end of April.

Thursday 9 March:

Workshop: “Raise Your Feminist Voice!“
- Presentation skills and delivery with Anneli Ranta

Time: 12.12 –1.30 p.m.
Place: Tampere University, Linna K109
Bilingual: No
Description: Do you feel like you can't get your voice heard? With the help of different exercises, actress and instructor Anneli Ranta gives tips on how to perform more confidently. You can use these presentation and delivery skills in your studies, working life, or in different everyday situations! Both novices and skilled performers are welcome!

Guest Lecture: Kevät Nousiainen – Finnish Gender Equality as an Export Goods?

Time: 2.15–3.00 p.m.
Place: Lecture Room D11
Bilingual: Yes
Description: Professor of Comparative Law and Legal Theory, Kevät Nousiainen, discusses the role of Finnish equality in the world. How can Finland be a model for equality, when violence against women is still an ongoing problem? Come join the discussion!

Coffee and a Video Greeting from Sirpa Pietikäinen

Time: 3.00–3.15. p.m.
Place: Lecture Room D11
Bilingual: No
Description: A chance to have a cup of coffee between lectures and watch MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen's Women Culture Days video greeting. Coffee service.

Guest Lecture: Emmi Nuorgam and Eino Nurmisto – Social Media and Equality

Time: 3.15–4.00 p.m.
Place:  Lecture Room D11
Bilingual: No
Description: Bloggers and influential social media personas Emmi Nuorgam and Eino Nurmisto work for equality and parity in social media. What kind of opportunities does social media bring, what can and should be discussed, and how can common pitfalls be avoided? Come join the discussion and share your experiences!

Friday 10 March:

Guest Lecture: Pekka Haavisto – Equality in Our Changing World

Time: 8.15–9.00 a.m.
Place: Väinö Linna Lecture Room
Bilingual: Lecture in Finnish, questions in Finnish and English
Description: MP Pekka Haavisto talks about his experiences and work in foreign policy. The lecture concentrates on the ways Finnish equality has been visible in e.g. development cooperation and foreign trade. Coffee service.

Commentary from the Women's Bank:

Time: 9.15–10.00 a.m.
Place: Väinö Linna Lecture Room
Bilingual: Lecture in Finnish, questions in Finnish and English
Description: Simo Juhani Lahtinen from the Women's Bank comments on Pekka Haavisto's speech and continues discussing the theme.

Tote Bag Workshop: Changing the World One Bag at a Time

Time: 12.15–3.00 p.m.
Place: Linna, Lecture Room K110
Bilingual: Yes
Description: Art teacher Erika Perttuli-Borobio talks about how art and small everyday gestures can be a way of taking a stand. The workshop has some textile printing equipment, but if you can bring your own bag, all the better – in this workshop you can print a bag that makes a statement!

Feminist After Work Evening

Time: 5–7 p.m.
Place: Bar Piilo (Aaltosenkatu 31–33)
Description: A feminist after work event

Are you tired of the constant struggle against patriarchy? Would you enjoy laughing together with equality? Come to Bar Piilo's after work spectacle, where student actives compete on who is the funniest feminist. We offer free after work champagne for the first twenty customers, and a relaxing evening in good company!


Saturday 11 March:

What happens to auteur-theory, when the director of a movie is a woman?

Time: 5.30 p.m.- 6.30 p.m.
Place: Bar Artturi (Kauppakatu 9)
Description: A discussion about women as artist and equality in the movie-business. The discussion is in Finnish. In co-operation with Tampere Film Festival.

In co-operation with:


Women Culture Days 9-11 March: Exporting Equality

Equality and parity are not only in the hands of politicians. With the help of culture and art, values can also cross borders. Our actions can make us part of the change.

Centenarian Finland is seen as a model country for equality. But how does Finnish work for equality manifest itself in the rest of the world – or does it? What are the things that still need improvement? What is the state of equality in present-day Finland?

Women Culture Days is Tamy's traditional feminist issue and culture event. This year, the theme is Exporting Equality – how can equality be exported? What kind of export item is it? Does it still need product development?

In addition to discussions and lectures, you get a chance to express your everyday feminism and have a relaxing time. Tamy's Women Culture Days, on 9–10 March, warmly welcome you to participate in the events!

Check out the programme: 
and the facebook-event:

Further information:
Miikka Keränen
Project secretary

In co-operation with:


In Tampere3 No Signal event, we send a clear signal to the leading figures of the Tampere3 project: Tampere3 must be a multidisciplinary, democratic and communal project. Now.

Environmental and Development Cooperation Days coming in Fall!


For Tamy's Women Culture Days, visit




Is acknowledging inequality in the world a mere agony? Do the news on ecocide paralyze you? Do you believe in change? Whether you answered these questions yes or no, we can all have a part in the future of our world. Tamy’s Environmental and Development Cooperation Days explore different views, resources and, above all, courses of action regarding environmental and development issues. Come and find your way to act!

All events are free of charge, open for everyone and accessible, unless stated otherwise in the event description. Changes in the schedule are possible.

More information:

Project secretaries Nina Huhtinen and Mikko Saarinen

Earn study credits by participating in Environmental and Development Cooperation Days

Participants can include the Environmental and Development Cooperation Days in course YKYYKEKE03, which belongs to the study module of sustainable development. The Days are worth 2 study credits. The study module of sustainable development is open for everyone. More information (in Finnish): To earn the study credits, students must participate in at least three Environmental and Development Cooperation Days events and compile a learning diary of 5 pages. The learning diary must be sent to by 2 December.

Monday 14 November

4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Cooking course: easy and affordable vegan food
Place: Pyynikki school, Hämeenpuisto 34

Are you interested in cooking without animal products? The Vegan Society of Finland will organize a beginner-friendly vegan cooking course. On the menu are affordable and easy vegan dishes instructed by vegans with plenty of cooking experience. There is an advance sign-up for the course in addition to a participant fee of 5 € used to cover expenses. 


Sign up NOW by sending an e-mail to and please remember to mention any allergies you may have! Sign up ends by November 13th or when the course is full.




Organizer: Vegaaniliitto / The Vegan Society of Finland

Tuesday 15 November

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pop-up Model UN with Finnish Model UN Association

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Model UN: Youth and Agenda 2030
Place: Lecture room A08, Main building
Ever wondered what being diplomat is like? Tampere UN Association gives you the chance to step into the world of international politics for a day, with the guidance of experts from the Finnish Model UN Association. Come and try out decision-making, negotiation and argumentation on a simulated international forum! The event is in English. Please remember to sign up by November 13th!
Organizer: Tampereen YK-yhdistys / Tampere UN association

12 noon to 2 p.m.  Keynote lecture on development cooperation

Eva Kagiri: Reflections from 10 years in International Development
Place: Auditorium Väinö Linna, Linna
Eva Kagiri is a Planning Officer in UniPID. Her background is in Environmental Engineering and International Development. She has been working in the NGO and Private Sector in diverse projects related to technology and poverty reduction. Her main interests include Sanitation and Energy. Eva has been called a freelancer in the field of development cooperation and she has co-authored a book ‘At the Bottom of the Energy Ladder’ which explores the sustainability of different energy technologies for low-income societies. In her keynote lecture she will reflect on years of experience, both personal and professional in the field of international development. The lecture is in English.

2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Feminist comic workshop: Utopias, dystopias and stability
Place: Lecture room A31, Main building

How do you perceive the future of the world? Femcomix Finland FEMSKT organizes a workshop where the future is observed through utopias, dystopias, and stability. The workshop is in English or Finnish according to the participants’ wishes. No advance sign-up is needed.



2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Bollywood Dance Marathon for Tamy’s India project
Place: Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew, shopping center Tullintori

Come and dance for Tamy’s India project! A two-hour beginner-friendly Bollywood dance marathon is organized at Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew in Tullintori shopping centre. Tullintorin apteekki has committed to donate €5 to Tamy’s India project for every participant, so all you have to do is dance! Max 35 participants, sign-up in advance begins on Tuesday 8 November. Refreshments are served during the marathon breaks and small prizes are given to lucky participants. Instructions in English.


Sign-up now!

4.15 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Movie: Dream Driven
Place: Auditorium K103, Linna

Dreams can change the world! Dream Driven (Autolla Nepaliin) is a crowdfunded charity movie from 2014. The movie tells the story of Juho Leppänen and his Dream Driven project, where Leppänen and four other drivers drove over 20,000 kilometres from Finland to Nepal and back to help the women of a refuge in Kathmandu. The movie is subtitled in English. The movie is followed by a discussion and a presentation of Store of Hope.
Organizer: Tamy’s Committee for Development Cooperation

7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Guided nature tour in Kauppi woods

Environmental psychologist Kirsi Salonen guides a nature tour in Kauppi woods. We leave at the front doors of the Linna building at 6.30 p.m. and gather at Kauppi at 7 p.m. During the tour, you’ll learn about the health benefits of nature experimentally and get to reflect upon your relationship with nature. Participants are asked to equip themselves according to the weather. Guiding also in English if needed.

Wednesday 16 November

10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Association Fair
Place: Main building lobby
Familiarize yourself with the activities of different associations and find your way to take action!

12 noon to 2 p.m. Innovations – just a buzz or a new way to solve problems?
Place: Y-kampus, Main building

Stop by at the Y-kampus pop-up workshop to solve concrete challenges concerning the theme of the Days – the best proposals are rewarded! You’ll also hear more about Y-kampus and its development activities. We will serve fair trade tea and coffee provided by Reilu Kauppa ry.



12 noon to 2 p.m. Outdoor equipment demonstration
Pinni A side of the tunnel

Nature and wilderness guide trainees from Ahlmann-institute showcase utilities, outdoor clothing and means for shelter. Come and hear stories about Finnish wilderness and nature at westside of the tunnel leading to Linna.

Organizer: Tamy’s Committee for Environmental Affairs

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Ville Lähde: How to find hope in things that seem hopeless
Place: Auditorium A1, Main building

Non-fiction author, environmental philosopher and civic activist Ville Lähde gives a lecture on global food production and connects it with issues on poverty and population. The lecture is in Finnish.

5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Biodynamic farm unity – farm individuality as the cornerstone of quality food
Place: Lecture room B1096, Pinni B

The world and agriculture have changed rapidly during our time. Monoculture, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and maximizing profit in factory farming are the big, indefensible challenges of our time. The biggest challenge of food production is to find farming measures that are ecologically sustainable, local and support nature’s biodiversity. Biodynamic land management provides tools for producing food in an ecologically sustainable, social and economic manner. The farm can be seen as living and life promoting, and its operations rest strongly on recycling nutrients, diverse production and a living social and economic cooperation with consumers. This way, the production of food is also transparent and the produce healthy and tasty. The lecture is given by Henri Murto from Rekola Biodynamic farm. The lecture is in Finnish.

Organizer: Tamy’s organic food association Tampiiri ry

4.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Screening and discussion of Nälkämaan Sampo – The story of Talvivaara
Place: Cinema Arthouse Niagara

Nälkämaan Sampo (2016) is a life cycle documentary directed by Mika Koskinen. The documentary is based on years of follow-up on the various phases of the Talvivaara mine. However, the movie is not only about the mine. Through the mine project that has turned into a national tragicomedy, the movie also provides an interesting image of the Finnish society. Finland is traditionally considered an open model society of clean environment and high technology. Nälkämaan Sampo shows the other side of Finland. In addition to experts and politicians, activists and local residents are given a voice in the movie. The movie is subtitled in English. You can pay €3–5 euros depending on your preference. The movie is followed by a discussion.

Organizers: The Environmental and Development Cooperation Days and Tamy’s Committee for Environmental Affairs

7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Light at the end of the tunnel Club
Place: Club Tunneli, Itsenäisyydenkatu 2

Come to Club Tunneli to feel the vibes and empower yourself!
On the stage:

Organic Cotton Beat – a duo of two women, where verses about the joys of everyday live, ugly and beautiful, easy and hard, hate and hot love, and saving the world meet. The most important mission of OCB is to save the human kind and the earth from destruction.

Dance Theatre MD

You? An open mic opportunity for saving the world
The party will continue with DJs Dolce & Käppänä

The charge is voluntary, €0–5, and will be donated to the Syria Operation of Finnish Red Cross



Thursday 17 November

10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Textile 2.0: Sewing jams
Room 333, Virta

Turku UAS Textile 2.0 organizes a sewing jam where leftover textiles are given a new life. Join us to learn more about textile waste, recycling and sewing! You can bring leftover textiles with you. Nextiili will also donate textiles for the event. The workshop is in Finnish or English according to the participants’ wishes.



12 noon to 2 p.m. Panel discussion: the future of development cooperation
Place: Auditorium B1100, Pinni B

How does the future of Finnish development cooperation look like? What does a change in financial structures mean for the current and future development cooperation projects and operators? These questions will be addressed by Suvi Virkkunen, Development policy advisor at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helena Arlander, Director of Portfolio and Risk management at Finnfund, and Auli Starck, Policy Advisor at Kepa. The discussion is led by Ph.D. Mikko Perkiö from the Master’s programme of Global Health and Development. The audience can ask questions throughout the discussion. The panel discussion is in English.

Organizer: Tamys’ Committee for Development Cooperation

2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Theme days as a medium for change
Place: OASIS, Pinni B

Are the student unions’ theme days an effective way to change the world? How much of resources were used for Environmental and Development Cooperation Days 2016? How can you participate in advocating within the limits of your own wellbeing? Is saving the world exclusive or can it be inclusive as well? These and many other questions are addressed in the reflection event of the Environmental and Development Cooperation Days. The discussion is introduced by the project secretaries but different perspectives are invited to join in the discussion! The discussion will be in Finnish or English according to the participants’ wishes.

6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Africa Night
Place: Lecture room 6017, Linna

Global Social Work Finland will organize traditional Africa Night in 6th floor of Linna. The event is free of charge and open for everyone. The languages used are English (mainly) and Finnish. Participants are kindly asked to send an email to and inform that you're coming to prepare enough snacks. The program for the evening will be announced later – stay tuned!

Organizer: Global Social Work Finland / Globaali sosiaalityö ry

In co-operation with:



This year we celebrate Tamy’s 91st birthday party!

We welcome you to celebrate Tamy’s 91st birthday party on Friday 11 November 2016. This year’s birthday celebration will probably be Tamy’s last before next year’s funeral, so of course good hospice has been taken care of! The celebrations begin with a cocktail party for invited guests. After the cocktails, the main party will follow at the upstairs of the Main building’s Assembly Hall at the University of Tampere. The after party is celebrated at Klubi57.

The dress code is lounge suit, but don’t worry about it too much. The celebration venues are accessible.

Facebook event:


Cocktail party at 4.30 p.m. @ Tamy’s Office

The anniversary celebrations begin with a cocktail party for invited guests. The party will include a speech by the chair, mingling and good company. Bubbly drinks and cocktail snacks are served.

The organization you present may also give its regards to Tamy. Instead of material gifts, you may support Tamy’s development cooperation project by making a donation to Tamy’s bank account: FI76 5732 2620 0100 09 (Message: Tamy91). The donations are used for Tamy and GRAVIS’s 2015–2017 development cooperation project, Improving Health through addressing Nutrition and Sanitation (fundraising permit issued by the National Police Board: POL-201416532. [the whole country, Åland Islands excluded])

Main party at 6 p.m. @ Assembly Hall lobby, Main building

The main party begins at 6 p.m. in the Main building’s Assembly Hall lobby. A trimmed version of the traditional anniversary will be served: speeches, shows, handing out Tamy’s acknowledgements, academic songs, and of course food and drinks! In addition to the drinks served, it is possible to buy additional drinks from the counter.

After party at 10 p.m. @ Klubi57

The party will go on and on and on at Klubi57! Come and enjoy the music, dancing, high-quality company, food and drinks. The after party is open for everyone (food and drinks served for those who attended the main party). You can also bring you own drinks.

The price and sign-up

The price of the celebrations is €30, including the main party and the after party and its servings. The invited guests are also welcome to our cocktail party.

The sign-up is closed.

After the sign-up, please pay the fee immediately to Tamy’s bank account FI76 5732 2620 0100 09 (message: full name/Tamy91, e.g. “Teppo Teekkari/Tamy91”).

More information:

Tuomas Himmanen, board member responsible for organizations and events

This year Tamy gives you the Organization Week from 26 September to 2 October 2016 (week 39). The Organization Week is the perfect opportunity to find out what kind of organizations operate within Tamy and the University. You can participate in various events, check out the activities and find yourself a new hobby and even new friends!

This year Tamy gives you the Organization Week from 26 September to 2 October 2016 (week 39). The Organization Week is the perfect opportunity to find out what kind of organizations operate within Tamy and the University. You can participate in various events, check out the activities and find yourself a new hobby and even new friends!

The programme may very well still grow, so sign up your organization's event now if it is still missing from it!

The traditional Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is part of the Organization Week and it takes over the University Main Building's lobby every year at the end of September. This year the Idea Fair takes place on Wednesday 28 September at 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. During the Fair associations, clubs and other organizations acting in cooperation with the University and the Student Union spread out in the lobby and introduce themselves to students. Come take a tour and see if you can find a new hobby for yourself!

Facebook event.


Monday 26.9.

Tueday 27.9.

Debating For Beginners

Pinni B5078 at 5pm
Are you interested in debating? Would you like to become better at critical thinking, argumentation and persuasion? UTA Debate Society provides all this and much more. Come join our special evening for new debaters. No previous experience needed. See you there!
Facebook: UTA Debate Society

Get to know TAYK

UN Association of Tampere
3D Crush Cafen alakerta (viihdehuone) klo 17
The United Nations Organization of Tampere is organizing an evening for anyone interested in joining our activities. Hang out with us while getting to know more about what we do: UN themed advocacy and events, such as seminars, movie nights, model UN and more!

Luuppi's board game night

The traditional monthly board game night will be held on Tuesday 27th of September at Pinni B lounge (B1029-1031). The event will begin at 18:00. Pinni B lounge can be found by taking the stairs in front of Luuppi's office and going through the door on the left.
The event is open and free for everyone, because it is Tamy’s Organization Week.
There will be some snacks for the players on behalf of Luuppi. Do bring your favourite games! The event is alcohol-free.
If the doors are locked in the evening you can contact Ville Komulainen (040 076 8853) and somebody will let you in.

Keri's Floorball

Cultural Association Keri is playing floorball on Tuesdays 8.00-9.30 pm at Koiviston koulu (Lehvänkatu 9). We are playing from 20th September till 29th November. The price for autumn season is only 5 euros for Keri’s members. Find more information here:

Wednesday 28.9.

Tamy Idea Fair

Tamy's Idea Fair, the university main building's lobby area at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Organizations operating within Tamy and the University take over the university's main building - Come browse the offerings and find yourself a new hobby!

Viva's new members' nigth

Viva - the Green Left of UTA invites all fans of academic freedom and social justice to join us! Welcome to our new members' night at Tammelan puistokatu 14-16 on Wednesday 28.9. at 6pm. We'll discuss both our own principles and activities as well as current events. Bring your own bottle if you're thirsty; we'll continue the night (and the fight!) at som

e local pub later on. Find out more about us at

The university camera club Vastavalo's newbies' night

in the darkroom of Vanha Domus (Väinämöisenkatu 11) at 6 pm.
Come along to spend an evening with photography enthusia

sts! You can bring a couple of your photos, or just show up to look the others' snaps and hang out with us. We'll serve some snacks. Welcome all new and old members as well as if you are still considering our membership, and feel free to bring your friends too!


It's time for the annual beginners' course in ultimate, organized by FreezeBees!
Ultimate is a fast paced team sport played with a frisbee. A team scores when their player catches the disc in the opposing team's end zone. There's no physical contact allowed. There are also no referees, so the players call possible fouls themselves. Therefore, the Spirit of the Game and respect are a very important part of this sport.

28.9.-9.11. on Wednesdays
Group 1 at 20-21
Group 2 at 21-22

In Atalpa (notice that you have to pay the Unipoli Sport fee)

10e (pay in cash when the course starts)
includes a new frisbee and FreezeBees membership for the autumn 2016

ENROL via freezebees at
Tell us which group you'd prefer
(Max 15 people / group)
You only need indoor shoes, a water bottle and comfy sportswear with you! We'll provide the great FreezeBees spirit! ;)

P.S. We also play on Saturdays 14-15.30, beginners welcome as well!

Welcome! See you soon in Atalpa!
- FreezeBees

Thursday 29.9.

UtaSports Elephant Football Tournament

Thursday 29.9, place: Messukylä tekonurmi (turf) at 10-14
Join us in UtaSport for the funniest sport event of the autumn, Elephant Football Tournament!
Despite its name, Elephant Football doesn’t actually involve any animals. It’s like regular football but you play it with an exercise ball (google it if you don’t know the meaning!). Gather up a group of 5-12 people and come to exercise in amazing spirit! More information:  and Facebook

City tour of the Green Party

University's Main lobby at 4 pm

Do you want to find out the best flea markets, vegetarian restaurants or the loveliest coffee houses at Tampere? Then you are the most welcome to the legendary city tour of the Green Party. After the tour we have get togehter at the Restaurant 931 located in Kehräsaari.

Poikkitieteelliset Haalaribileet - FRESH LIKE SUSHI feat. Evelina

29.9. klo 21-04, Viihdemaailma Ilona

Description: The most legendary monthly student party in Tampere since 1993. Fantastic vibe and changing themes make sure that you'll have a great time each night! This month we have wonderful Evelina performing!

Friday 30.9.

Tampere Queer Festival: Film screening & Danceoke

Film Screening at Arthouse Cinema Niagara from 20:45 to 22:30
followed by Danceoke in Ravintola 931.
TQF-website (Friday program):

Lauantai 1.10.

Tampere Queer Festival: Workshops & Party Against Binary

In Monitoimitalo 13 (Satakunnankatu 13) from 11.30 to 18.00 workshops, discussions, crafting, zine-distros, humanistic tarot readings and vegan food! Amazing queer party in the evening at Club Tunneli! Check out the exact program accessibility info, language policy etc. at

Sunnuntai 2.10.

Tampere Queer Festival: Brunssi / Brunch

Labour Museum Werstas, Gallery Bertel (Väinö Linnan aukio 8) at 12.00-16.00: vegan food, hanging out, conversations, distro!
More info:


Takaisin ylös/ Back

Tamy organizes Organization Week again this autumn at Week 39 (26 September– 2 October 2016). The idea of the Organization Week is to offer chance to all associations operating within Tamy and the University to present their activities to new students (and why not other students too) by organizing evening gatherings, events and parties.

The traditional Downtown Orienteering is a light-hearted competition where freshman teams, accompanied by more seasoned students, explore their new home town Tampere and its associations and organizations while having fun together. This year the famous Orienteering takes place on TUESDAY 13 September.